Two Paths, Both Well-Traveled

Do you ever have regrets? Not the “I wish I wouldn’t have eaten that brownie.” type. I mean the big ones. The one that got away The house you sold for a bigger one The job you passed up I work pretty hard to avoid regrets. I’m not saying I’ve always made the correct decisionsContinue reading “Two Paths, Both Well-Traveled”

50 Years of Perspective

“You have a different perspective. No offense.” With her hands dismissively waving me away… she meant offense. See, the woman saying those words and silencing me was in the middle of complaining about another change at work, thanks to COVID-19. She, and others, were wondering how they were going to make the change. In myContinue reading “50 Years of Perspective”

We Are Sending Our Kids to School, And We Don’t Like It

Yes, you read that correctly. We are sending our kids to school, in the middle of a pandemic. Just writing that sentence made my eyes mist up. It’s not like we don’t have a choice. We can send them to a new virtual academy our school district is building.  To say my husband and IContinue reading “We Are Sending Our Kids to School, And We Don’t Like It”

The Race for Human Rights

I feel like many of us are running this ridiculous race. We are sprinting toward a space where who we are doesn’t dictate our success in life. So, this sprint is happening… running, running… Black people cannot use the same bathrooms as whites. They can’t sit in the same areas. They can’t go where theyContinue reading “The Race for Human Rights”

Social Distancing Can Bring Fears Closer

Last night, I had a dream that spoke to my deepest anxiety… more on that anxiety in a bit. First, the dream: I was attending a work session with a group of teachers with which I currently work. I could see their faces, or at least my brain’s mashed up version of their faces. ThereContinue reading “Social Distancing Can Bring Fears Closer”