Blame the Media? Don’t Watch. Don’t Read.

(Pic at The Weather Channel in September of 2010) The relationship between news organizations and the public ebbs and flows. When people feel unsure or don’t buy into a national crisis, they like to blame the “media”. When a tornado might be coming, they rely solely on the “media”. In recent years, thanks to liesContinue reading “Blame the Media? Don’t Watch. Don’t Read.”

Grief, Gratitude, and BB Guns

(Pictured above in the Wisconsin hoodie is Matt Guinn.) Ping! Ping! Ping! The sound of small round metal BBs keep ringing through the thick woods. Ping! A boy has his arms semi-wrapped around a girl’s shoulders as he teaches her how to shoot a BB gun. If the BBs make a “Ping!” noise, then sheContinue reading “Grief, Gratitude, and BB Guns”

It is Sexual Abuse, not Politics

I had no intention of making this blog mostly focus on sexual abuse when I started it. It was going to just be a fun outlet where I could continue to feed my passion of writing … while sharing stories aimed at connecting with others. Then, I had to go and share my childhood hereContinue reading “It is Sexual Abuse, not Politics”

A Patriotic Plea from an Abuse Survivor

One of my favorite things about summer is the 4th of July fireworks. I love the drama, noise and the way they light up the dark sky.  I’m not a “backyard-let’s set off our own fireworks” type of girl. I’m a “big show, loud booms, beautiful big lights” type of girl. Our town does theContinue reading “A Patriotic Plea from an Abuse Survivor”

The Past is Always with You

Outside my front door, these beautiful, bright green sprouts are coming out of the ground. Soon, they will turn into healthy plants producing vibrant yellow, red and purple flowers. For months now, the ground they live under in the winter has been brown and barren. Yet, today, you can see bright spots of green. ThisContinue reading “The Past is Always with You”

One Survivor’s Reaction to “Leaving Neverland”

“For me, this moment transcends Michael Jackson. It is much bigger than any one person. This is a moment in time that allows us to see this societal corruption.” -Oprah Winfrey, during her hour-long special about “Leaving Neverland” As I did with the Lorena Bobbitt documentary I write about here… I hesitated watching “Leaving Neverland”.Continue reading “One Survivor’s Reaction to “Leaving Neverland””

Lorena: Oh How Far We’ve Come (Need To Go)

This past Sunday morning, I breezed through Amazon Prime’s new series focused on the Lorena Bobbitt case. I was actually irritated when I realized it was 10:30 am and I hadn’t fed my family yet… so I had to pause watching. With the pause, I still finished the series that day. The Bobbitt case happenedContinue reading “Lorena: Oh How Far We’ve Come (Need To Go)”

Arrested Development

Until recently, these two words strung together only brought up images of the Bluths, bananas, and bad real estate deals. Lately, though, these two words are bouncing around my brain without attachment to the hilarious sitcom with that title. My guess is my childlike behavior during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is what’s lighting thoseContinue reading “Arrested Development”

Baby, It’s Cold in Some Hearts

“People are just too sensitive nowadays.” “No one can take a joke anymore.” The theme is prevalent right now. I believe it started around 2008 when some groups started worrying about their status in this country. The outcry over being politically correct grew louder. “Back in my day…” became much more than something the olderContinue reading “Baby, It’s Cold in Some Hearts”