It is Sexual Abuse, not Politics

I had no intention of making this blog mostly focus on sexual abuse when I started it.

It was going to just be a fun outlet where I could continue to feed my passion of writing … while sharing stories aimed at connecting with others. Then, I had to go and share my childhood here on this site.  It was like a faucet was turned on, and I began sharing more stories.

When 10 years of your childhood was spent under a cloud of sexual abuse, and you turned to abusive relationships in early adulthood, and then you see it all being played out in other people’s stories in the public eye… I guess you can’t avoid it.

So, today, as I’m reading the news, about billionaire Jeffery Epstein, and I see a big headline about the case… but it isn’t about sexual abuse he allegedly inflicted on young girls.

Instead, it focuses on which political party Epstein supported.

I get it… sex and politics. Scandals with politicians are often about sex.

But, seriously, today I am off the rails mad that any time a prominent person is charged with sexual abuse, we have to know of which political party he is a part and to whom he has given donations.

Listen, if Epstein, the financier who is currently accused of many, many sexual abuse offenses toward minors, is guilty… then let’s lock him up…

… and then turn toward the abused. How can they be helped? Can the media look into what happens to children after abuse and advocate ways the victims can get help?

Because, I seriously do not care that he was friends with Trump or gave millions to Democrats. I could seriously care less. (with one exception… that’s later)

I am so mad at the media outlets over this. As many of you know, I was in TV news for 20 years. So what…. I am still stark raving mad about this angle of the story.

For victims, here is an angle that matters: DID HE DO IT? If he did, throw him in prison.

Another angle some of us care about: Are the victims identified and getting help? Are there more victims at the hands of other predators?

Ok, ok, I hear some of you…. what if Presidents Trump (who has praised Epstein publicly and had a party with him and a bunch of young women) or Clinton (Epstein donated to his foundation) were also involved?

If President Donald Trump’s friendship with Epstein had him involved in these damn offenses, then can the powers that be please get that evidence together? If someone Epstein donated to, like Clinton, committed the same acts, can we get that person locked up as well?

Because, listen media, you are inferring that people Epstein knew and supported also committed these acts. You are also stoking the freaking already huge flames of political fire.

It is not relevant what political campaigns received his money. It is relevant if those candidates joined him in his alleged sick pleasure games that lead to unimaginable abuse for these poor children.  By merely reporting the first, you are inferring the second.

The media isn’t the only offender.

You may also know Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigned today after the facts were revealed that he gave Epstein a sweet deal during a 2008 sexual abuse case when Acosta was a prosecutor. One person commented on a post about this story like this: “Well, just wait until you snowflakes find out who this perv donated money to”

Stop it. Stop drawing a political line in the sand.

Let me make it easy on the people who want to play the “whataboutism” game. People of ALL backgrounds, of ALL financial statuses, of ALL political parties commit acts of abuse.  I am not exaggerating. You can find abusers and predators in many different places.

You can find them in every nook and cranny of the world. My first abuser was a lower class, middle aged, man of the church who was married, a father and a foster parent. My second was a middle-class professional, married with a daughter. My third was a known criminal.

Who they voted for or gave money to only matters if that vote or money got them more freedom to have their way with innocent children.

Otherwise, stop talking about it and get behind the victims. Support the victims. You don’t have to know their names. Tell the stories, give avenues for help, and for God’s sake, care about what they care about.

Care about finding out the truth and then if it applies, lock the bastards up.

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