Roseanne Just Might Change the Conversation

Hang with me on this one… just for a moment.

I’m going to put it out there.

Roseanne Barr has never been my favorite person.

It’s not that I dislike her. I actually have a ton of respect for her. She was a housewife, who tackled an industry she loved… and won. She is also extremely funny.

But… she was crass… still is.

But… she was offensive… still is.

I don’t agree with her politically at all. Like… AT ALL.

But… I LOVED her show!

That is the entire point. Or, perhaps, not the point at all.

“Roseanne” has always been a show that tackled serious issues while making us laugh. “Roseanne” AND Roseanne brought controversy so close to your face, it was uncomfortable. Then, WHAM! you would laugh so hard, you could understand the issue from any angle.

Today’s political environment is ripe for this return.

I was so stinking excited. I was cooking dinner with the volume turned all the way up because I wanted to see it live and I didn’t want to miss a second of it. (I annoyed everyone else in the house… but I also fed them all.)

For those of you who had… still have… NO interest in ever watching her. I get it. She is a hard one to watch and digest sometimes.

But, if you can do it… you will see some of the funniest, raw, truthful stuff on TV.

I think she might just be able to change the conversation. I know that is a tall order to give a sitcom led by a woman who can be polarizing. However, if everyone gives it a chance, I think each will see what I see.

We are definitely a country divided. No one on either side can seem to empathize, or even just try to understand, the other side of the political equation. Not even Roseanne and Jackie, aka JACquelyn (watch to get that inside joke), can do it. They are sisters on opposites sides, not letting up at all.

Yet, last night, our 11 and 13-year-old girls sat and watched (they had no choice… the volume was up to 1000 or whatever the highest setting is) a woman say things they thought were rude and wrong. They laughed when someone talked back to her, and at one point asked me how I could like Roseanne… at all.

Then, in one sweet scene, that I won’t spoil, involving Roseanne and her grandson talking about a choice he was making that she didn’t agree with…. my girls saw it.

They saw humanity and love that broke any barrier built by disagreement and anger.

They watched the woman they disagreed with throughout the entire show do something that made their eyes tear up, and their hearts swell.

My 11 and 13-year-old daughters saw what I hope so many more people see.

They saw that true love knows no politics. They saw a woman accept her grandson for who he is, even if she didn’t agree with his choices.

If you keep up with politics, like our household certainly does, you are not seeing this in real life.

I don’t see it in my own real life.

So… if you watched the return of Roseanne, I hope you laughed as hard as we did. I hope you also saw what Roseanne, et all, are trying to do here.

Then, I hoped you laughed as hard as we did, again!

If you don’t want to see it because of the woman who can be so rude, I would hope you might try it. There is something special that happens when you can laugh so hard you might pee, especially when the people making you laugh are from the other side of your argument. While your laughing, you may feel your heart swell for people who choose humanity over disagreement.

Welcome back, Roseanne, Dan, both Beckys, DJ, Aunt Jackie, and my fav… Darlene!

We’re listening, and laughing!

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