Dear Effie

Effie Brown is a film and TV producer who produced projects that include Real Women Have Curves, Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her, and Dear White People. I admit, I hadn’t heard of her until several weekends ago, when I stumbled across the 4th season of Project Greenlight on HBO. (2013) IContinue reading “Dear Effie”

Where were the Parents?

“I didn’t think I would be here today. I was scared and nervous. It wasn’t until I started watching the impact statements from the other brave survivors that I realized I, too, needed to be here.” Aly Raisman, Olympic gymnast I don’t know if you have watched any of the victim testimonies in the sentencingContinue reading “Where were the Parents?”

When Hope Seeps In

I feel like I need to end this week on a higher note. For many in my current town, it has been emotionally draining. My past three posts… here is the first, and the second one, and then the third is here, have all been draining and dark. I have to admit, I only have a coupleContinue reading “When Hope Seeps In”

“That’s a pretty good offer for a girl like me.” Part 2

I don’t think we have anything for you.   You’re obviously in the wrong place. -Sales lady at Boulmiche, Rodeo Drive, Pretty Woman As promised in my previous blog (link here), it is time to talk about my second abusive relationship. I had planned on writing the blog the day after the previous one, and moveContinue reading ““That’s a pretty good offer for a girl like me.” Part 2″

“…for a girl like me.”

That is the end of one of my favorite quotes from my all-time favorite movie. The movie: Pretty Woman I remember going to see Pretty Woman at a movie theater in 1990.  The movie instantly became my favorite. I am not joking. I loved it deeply, right away.  I cannot tell you the number ofContinue reading ““…for a girl like me.””

Sexual Assault: When Your Kids Need to Know More

My heart is aching this morning. I won’t be telling the details of why, but I want everyone reading this to know… tears have been shed and I am in a state of sadness. The #MeToo movement has shed even more light on sexual assault this week, and the victims have cast a net that hasContinue reading “Sexual Assault: When Your Kids Need to Know More”