I’m Gonna Miss Them

To say I have loved Kevin Spacey for decades is not an exaggeration. Sure, you all watched his movies, as I did, but did you “talk show stalk” him? I mean, his impersonations of people stopped me in my tracks. His smile is warm, or it was anyway. He seemed like someone I would want to call my friend.

Don’t get me started on Louis C.K. I even watched his so-so show, Lucky Louie. To be honest, it wasn’t that great, but I thought he was hilarious. My husband and I watched every standup, and yes, I “talk show stalked” him as well. Did you catch his appearance on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? So dang funny.  There really was something about his smile too.

I brought up to my husband the fact that Louis C.K. always talked in his standups about doing what he’s accused of doing. I told him people are saying, “Don’t be so surprised. He told you what he was doing!” My husband’s reaction was spot on: “Yeah, well, we didn’t think he was ACTUALLY doing it!”

When I found out Bill Cosby was a rapist, I slumped down, feeling the physical reaction to sheer disappointment. We were introducing our girls to The Cosby Show. Now, we can’t watch it anymore.

Listen, I live in the real world. I’ve experienced sexual assault, discrimination, and even some harassment. I know it happens. I know it most often happens when the person doing it is in some position of power. Power of rank, celebrity, strength, or mind games… they usually carry some power besides the ability to assault/discriminate/harass. Celebrity and money bring a lot of power with them.

However, I didn’t want to believe the nice guys did it. You see, as a victim, I saw the predators differently. I knew they were evil. I didn’t have a clue that others might know them as nice or funny or generous. I just thought others might like them, with caution, wondering what that little voice is telling them.

I have been entertained by the three mentioned above here. I have loved them in only the way a total stranger can love a celebrity. I am bracing for more that I will need to write off.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many celebrities out there that I can still love. For now. I fear, though, that as women (and some men) feel more empowered to tell their stories, I am going to lose more people on my long list.

I haven’t even finished House of Cards, but on the flip side, I think I’m better off never seeing Louis C.K.’s movie that was pulled: “I Love You, Daddy”. Here is one thing the Hollywood Reporter said about that movie: “Controversial dialogue appears throughout the film, including the use of the N-word by C.K.’s character and multiple jokes about child rape.”

Um, perhaps I AM better off saying “Goodbye”!

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