Meet Them Where They Are

For the past couple of weeks, that phrase has paced back and forth in my brain. Every single day, it floats up there.

No one subject prompts the phrase. Many of the incidents do not relate with each other on the surface.

It began 2 weeks ago today. I am in a bible study, again…. I have a lot of studying to do!

Anyway, I got the prayer card of a woman about connecting with another person. (I am being very vague on purpose. No one’s business, but it has context.)

The words, “Meet them where they are”, could be heard inside my head. I paused. What?

“Meet them where they are.”

I was intrigued. I didn’t react, however. I just let it sink in. This could mean so much for so many.

I was certainly changed by a small group of women who were happy to meet me where I was. I am such an explorer in so many ways. I’m hiking so many trails in life, observing, and wondering what this all means. Through a series of beautiful events, I ended up in a bible study last August. I was placed in the middle of a group of women strong in their faith. While they were still on a journey, they knew their location well.

I still have the map out.

As I came to a point of questioning, they were all there. They met me where I was. Not one of them told me I was wrong. I think one wanted to tell me what path to take. I saw hesitation, as if God might have whispered, “Meet her where she is.”

Then, my stance on politics, hunger for news and information, and desire to share what I know with the world, put me in a position where I could no longer be quiet on what is going on around us right now.

In a flurry of activity on Facebook, I have shared any story I think is relevant, and believe to be true. My goal is to gather up strength against what I believe could turn out so badly for this country.

And, then I heard it again.

“Meet them where they are.”

I have no doubt, I need to always do this. You can label this action a number of ways.


I see my favorite word, though… my favorite behavior and emotion, in this small phrase.


If we are to get through any trial in our lives, whether it is seeking a relationship with someone who doesn’t agree with you, or standing up for what you believe is right, we always need to carry the tool of empathy with us.

In the end, so many of us struggle with many different obstacles. Sometimes, we have a hurdle in front of us that no one can see. It will freeze a person right where he is.

“Meet them where they are.”

They may need your help clearing that hurdle.

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