Where Did Compassion Go?

It happened.  It broke me. The internet broke me.

Many emotions have traveled through me like waves in the past 2 days. I’m still processing, and will continue for quite some time.  I have chosen, however, to keep my opinions of others to myself.  It is not my place to judge. I tried to not react to the reactions. I even posted a really cute kitten video and a picture of a deer on a deck with two dogs: all three in their own beds.  Yep, the deer had a bed too!

Today, though, I saw a Facebook post that dug in to me harder than the rest. Once you see it, you may wonder, “Really? Out of all of the mess, THIS is what gave you pause?”  Yes. Yes it is.

A person posted an article about the 16 celebrities who said they would move to Canada if Trump was elected. The person used a “comment” from elsewhere to lead off this article.  In that comment were the following remarks aimed at celebrities:

“I crank the organ grinder; you dance.”

“I don’t really care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your stance matters far less to me than that of my neighbor. You see, you aren’t real.” (Those lines would have been ok, had that last one not been there.)

“So, shut your pie hole and dance, monkey!”

Just typing these out make my stomach sick. I truly have many things to say about the abusive and dismissive tone the President-Elect has stirred up during the past 18 months, but let me focus on what made me saddest.

People reacted with a resounding YES! to that post.

Really?  Celebrities aren’t real? They are monkeys? You crank something and they perform for you? Um. Who are you people?

I don’t know any of the celebrities personally who Trump supporters are gleefully saying goodbye to, and I personally could care less what they say or do.

What I do care about is the comments people make about them. I do care about the comments made about Clinton supporters.  The lack of compassion is rampant.

I did cry as the results rolled in.  I am stunned and saddened. I thought a person who says what Trump says would not prevail.  I didn’t think it was ok to grab a woman’s P… well you know.

However, anyone who is happy about Trump’s win, I will not call you names. I will not call you a monkey.  I will, instead, pray that Trump does not deliver all his promises. I pray women will keep the rights we’ve gained so far and maybe one day even have equal pay. I hope immigrant families can stay together, and Muslims are treated the way Jesus would want them treated.  I hope Russia won’t have instant access to our policies.  I hope television will not be censored.

And, please, if you are a Trump supporter, calling Clinton supporters wussies who grew up getting “participation trophies”, remember that many like me were born around 1970 and I didn’t even get a trophy when I spent an entire basketball season as the girl who could do the splits on our cheerleading squad. I played outside until the lights came on and fell off my bike with no one around to comfort me.

Here is the deal: Hillary Clinton received about 300,000 more votes than Donald Trump. She won the popular vote. The system that Trump called “rigged” and a “disgrace” was what got him to the White House.

So, when we see that as our reality, we deserve some time to weep.  We deserve compassion from those who are cheering.

As you criticize those protesting, please find compassion that protesters believe what Donald Trump has said.  Protesters are worried about the world he promises us.

We also know, based on Trump’s own words, HE would have been the one protesting had he not won the electoral college.

I ask, please, the next time you see or want to say something derogatory and mean toward another person, stop and ask yourself, WWJD?

And, if you’re not a Christian, ask, how would you feel?  How would you want others to address you?  Your mom? Your kids?

Because despite what people who commented about that celebrity post believe, we are ALL real.  We all have fears and desires. Calling us names only solidifies the fears we have.

And even though you don’t like her, please watch Hillary Clinton’s concession speech from Wednesday.  If she can behave as she did, can’t we all?

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