Put your Yes on the Table

Today, I did just that.  I put my “Yes” on the table. It was a difficult yes to follow.  However, all summer, the girls and my motto was “Say Yes”.  Too tired to go swim with friends? Say “yes”!  You’d rather sleep in than get up early to spend the day at Discovery Park?  Say “yes” to Discovery Park.

So, back to the original subject.  The title of this blog was actually 6 words spoken by a woman who wrote and is now teaching a second version of her bible study class called, “Miss Perfect”.  The “yes” I put on the table this morning was I decided to join the study group.

The sentence, “I joined a bible study group.”, is a surprising one for me. As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, (Finding Faith and The 7th Commandment), this journey with religion in my life is a tricky one.

The woman who wrote the bible study happens to be my neighbor.  She also happens to be very kind and open. I get a good vibe off her.  She doesn’t hesitate to walk up my drive to invite me to any and all things at her church.  She and her husband are lead pastors and she has passion for it and all it does. I often find it infectious, regardless of my beliefs.

Her bible study explores exactly what the title says: the drive we often have as women to be perfect. However, at the end of her opening today, she pointed out the title is really a double entendre.  The title also points to the fact we often “miss” that goal of being “perfect”, so is that where we should really focus?

Here I am today, sitting in the church, a place I find surprisingly comfortable, like a comfy sweatshirt. I often just sink into whatever is going on inside the walls.  Except, today, while I did get lost in what was being said, I often stopped and remembered: In just a few minutes, we will be going to small group.

The scariest part for me was going to be that small group. Oh no, I’m in a small group and all the women are going to know, just by looking at me, that I’m not a real Christian.  They are going to see that my journey is only beginning, and I’m still not fully buying into everything. They are going to throw me out on my hiney.

So, I was a bit late getting to the room because I needed to use the potty.  Just as I was walking in, the leader said, without seeing me, “I don’t think we can fit one more person in here.” Without missing a beat, I said, “and then I walk into the room.” (That was quick…for me anyway.) The room filled with laughter, and my comfort level skyrocketed.

Those of you who really know me will not be surprised to find out, I believe I will be the loudest, most animated person in the room.  I really had to keep it in check today.  I don’t want to step on anyone during an enthusiastic reaction.  I am known for that in life.

My takeaway from today is still hard to put into words. I’m still digesting what I heard and where this bible study will take me.

One message I did want to share today is “Put Your Yes on the Table”. If you’re teetering on the edge, and you’re not sure whether to dive into the next adventure, big or small, lean toward the yes.

The worse thing that can happen is you don’t want to do it again. Well, let’s be honest here, if we’re talking about skydiving, we all know the worst thing that can happen.  I think you get what I mean, though.

For me, I can’t wait for next week. I was done with my homework for the week an hour after the small group ended. Now, I have to wait 6 more days to find out what happens next.

If there is something you said “Yes” to and it turned out better than expected, I’d love to hear about it!

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