Foreshadowing and Trusting Your Gut

****I wrote this four years ago, on August 21, 2016…. less than two years before a scandal broke. In January of 2018, news hit that led to the resignation of the pastor I mention in this blog and his co-lead pastor.  This scandal was the final straw, but what I wrote in this blog wasContinue reading “Foreshadowing and Trusting Your Gut”

Can I Be Your Friend? (One ‘weird’ adult’s socially awkward journey)

(The picture above shows my graduating class the night of our senior lock-in.  Go ahead, play a game of “Where’s Kim?”… I’d love to see if you find me.) Oh, the new school year! New teachers, new classmates, and for some an entirely new school. Will you find anyone who likes you? Will you beContinue reading “Can I Be Your Friend? (One ‘weird’ adult’s socially awkward journey)”