My Girls’ World

Tonight, our first female candidate for a major political party will speak before an audience of millions.

Hillary Clinton is going where no other woman has gone, and my hope is that she succeeds in this run, and that she will go even further, as our first female president, ever.

Many may not be able to look past the accusations hurled at her from the Right and see the historic moment this is. We may actually have a woman president before we hit the 100th anniversary of women even being allowed to vote.

I want to be clear.  It is not ONLY because she is a woman that I want her to win.  I have many reasons, including her policies and her experience.

I have been a following Hillary Clinton since 1991, when I first saw her speak. I did my research on her after I saw her stand by her husband through many indiscretions. I wanted to hate her.  What kind of woman could stand by a man who cheated on their marriage?

Here is what I found out about her:  She is an Illinois girl (Shout out to my home state!) raised by a WWII veteran who ran a business, and a stay-at-home mom who had a very tough childhood.  If you haven’t heard her mom, Dorothy Rodham’s story, then please watch this video. Her campaign cut it from the convention, and I wish it hadn’t. Her mother’s childhood had a huge influence on the woman Hillary has become.

Hillary’s childhood was better than her mom’s, partly because of her mom.  Dorothy helped build a true middle class family life for her children.

Her middle class daughter went to Yale Law School. Yale!

Hillary’s first job out of Yale Law School was with the Children’s Defense Fund. She has a long record of fighting for children and people not treated equally. You may want to scream “Benghazi!” and “Email Server!”, but I want to shout, “Fighter!” If you only know the scandals, then you are missing out on one amazing story.

We all know the other facts, but they are pretty impressive as well. She has been a First Lady, first in Arkansas and then in the White House, Senator, and Secretary of State. She has taught and practiced law. She raised an amazing daughter who is bright and kind.

Today, I am thankful she is the first woman to step into this arena. I’m thankful my two girls will get to watch this process and learn that a woman can become President of the United States.

Speaking of a woman who can be President of the United States, Michelle! Michelle! Michelle!  Ok, she most likely would never run, but we had her as one of the best First Ladies.

This week, we watched First Lady Michelle Obama deliver another amazing speech. She blows me away with everything she does. Her fruit and vegetable garden on the lawn, her amazing daughters, her drive to make kids healthy again, and her genuine warmth are just some of what I love about her.

Let’s not forget that before we all met her, she went to Princeton, where she graduated cum laude, and then Harvard Law School. Harvard!

She is extremely intelligent.

As if she couldn’t be more perfect, watch her Car Pool Karaoke with James Corbin. She is funny as well!

Oh, and she is an Illinois girl, born in Chicago. (Another shout out to my home state, baby!)

Two amazing, strong, smart women took center stage this week in the national spotlight. My daughters are watching them both talk about issues that matter to them. My girls will have very little concept of women being second class citizens, IF we can continue this trend.

When I watch a video of Donald Trump talking about how his dinner needs to be on the table when he gets home, I am reminded we, as women AND men, need to continue moving our society forward. When our potential next President balks at women’s rights, I know we, as a society, can’t allow him the power to eliminate them.

Trump and his supporters want to “Make America Great Again”. They believe “great” is the Mad Men era of the 50s when white men had all the power, and women were secretaries equipped with a rump the men could smack. As a woman who worked in a newsroom where my boss told me if I want to have kids, I will either need to hire a nanny or give up my career, I can honestly tell you…. That type of workplace is not “great”. That boss even hounded me during my pregnancy, asking me often if I was going to get a nanny.  (I didn’t hire a nanny, nor did I quit my career…. well, not then.)  My husband has never been asked that by a boss.

I have had many tell me that if I vote for Hillary, I’m an idiot. Well, not “tell” me as much as “troll” me on social media.

First, I don’t believe the garbage about her. If she did what Fox News and Republicans claimed, she would be in prison.  While I have a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton, even she couldn’t avoid the wrath Republicans have sent her if she actually did something illegal. No one is that cunning.  When her opponents stomp their feet and say she had covered up everything and is getting away with it all, they are really saying she is so smart, she can beat them.  Not possible… they have too much money and power behind them to not be able to take her down if something was there.  Or are they saying they are too ignorant to be able to do it?  

Second, if I have a choice between Donald Trump, who I know will squash my rights as much as possible, and Hillary Clinton, who has a long track record of fighting for children and families…. I’m choosing Hillary.

If for nothing else, then for the world my girls are going to be navigating as adults.

Oh, and believe me, it’s not “just because she’s a woman”. If that were the case, then Carly Fiorina might have done better.

I shiver at the thought.

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