My Girls’ World

Tonight, our first female candidate for a major political party will speak before an audience of millions. Hillary Clinton is going where no other woman has gone, and my hope is that she succeeds in this run, and that she will go even further, as our first female president, ever. Many may not be able toContinue reading “My Girls’ World”

I will not pick a side

I shouldn’t have to, and neither should you.  When it comes to all the violence going on, there is no good side. Do you see that? I know many of you agree with me. You can say police shootings of black men who did nothing to deserve death need to stop, and in the sameContinue reading “I will not pick a side”

We’ll Do Us, You Do You

What was your childhood like? Was it pretty idyllic? Were your parents happily married? Did you have a strong community of friends and family? I want you to know, I love that anyone may have come through their childhood unscathed. I harbor no ill-will or jealousy… well not as an adult.  I’m sure as aContinue reading “We’ll Do Us, You Do You”