The 7th Commandment

In January of 2015, 41% of spouses admit to committing adultery either physically or emotionally.  Whoa! (Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy) With a past like mine, that number isn’t even necessary to make me feel insecure about faithfulness in our marriage. I’m getting ahead of myself here.  First, the reason why I’veContinue reading “The 7th Commandment”

Wait, Is this a Narcissistic Hangover?

  The morning after I posted a blog detailing abuse in my childhood, I ran into a woman I admire tremendously.  This woman has it together.  She is very centered, is always smiling, is a soft-spoken and kind woman. I met her a little more than a year ago, and I instantly liked her.  SheContinue reading “Wait, Is this a Narcissistic Hangover?”

The Choice is Clear

The picture above shows how a choice two people made changed the course of a woman’s life.  My life. A life that didn’t start out so well. I am going to dive into a pretty dark subject here… my childhood.  Members of my family don’t even know all these details. I hesitate writing this post, butContinue reading “The Choice is Clear”